We have created these special tea blends for their therapeutic use and for the simple pleasure of drinking non-caffeinated herbal teas. Enjoy!

"Earth Day": This wonderful tasting tea was created in commemoration of Earth Day. Red Raspberry leaf, Peppermint leaf, Red Clover flower, Chamomile flower and Lemon Balm leaf are lovingly and thoughtfully blended together so that each herb complements the other in a balanced way. The tea may be drunk hot, cold, or iced; Anytime, morning, noon, or night because it's always Earth Day. It is especially enjoyable as a sun-tea in honor of the Earth. #71630 2 oz. $5.00

"Immune Root": From the depths of the earth dwell the roots; the foundations of plants. For this special blend, we have selected these handful of roots that have been traditionally used on three continents (N. America, Europe and Asia) for their reputation as having "immune-enhancing" properties*: Echinacea, Sassafras, Astragalus, Burdock, Osha' and Marshmallow roots. Enjoy this tea either hot or cold, sweetened with a touch of honey or just as it is. Here's roots to your health. (NP) #72230 2.4 oz. $6.50

"Mineral Tea": Whether you are looking for herbs used traditionally for their high nutritional value* or a pleasant tasting tea, we have created this blend with: Horsetail, Comfrey leaf, Alfalfa, Nettles, Oat seed, Red Clover flower and Oat straw with this specifically in mind. Sip this nutritional tea hot or cold, anytime of day. #71730 2 oz. $6.50

"Moony~Blues": This tea was formulated with herbs that have a centuries-old traditional usage by women for cramping associated with their "moon-time"*. Freshly dried Black Cohosh root, Cramp Bark, Valerian root and Wild Yam root are blended together in equal parts. Blessings! (NP) #71830 2 oz. $5.50

"Relax yer Bonz": Perhaps it's the end of the day and work's all done or maybe you're having a hard time relaxing; whatever the case may be, we hope you enjoy this special blend of tea created with freshly dried Chamomile flower, Lemon Balm, California Poppy, Wild Oat seed, Passion Flower and Valerian root. It's time to sit back, kick up your feet, sip away and "Relax yer Bonz"? You deserve it! #71930 1.75 oz. $6.50

"Spring Cleanse": is a time of renewal and beginnings. The herbs in this tea have a long tradition of use involved with "blood-cleansing" and fasting*: Nettles, Alfalfa, Burdock root, Red Clover flower, Yellow Dock root, Dandelion root and Licorice root. If it's time for spring cleansing, we invite you to try some "Spring Cleanse" tea. #72030 2 oz. $5.50

"3 Queens and a Prince": In the herbal world, Lavender, Chamomile and Rose flowers are three lovely Queens and Lemon Balm, the friendly Prince. This flowery blend of tea was created with the imagery of allowing oneself to feel like royalty. For centuries, these delicate, aromatic herbs have been drunk to soothe tummy-aches or simply as a pleasurable tasting tea. We invite you now to sip a cup of tea, either hot or iced. After all, isn't it always tea time? #72130 2 oz. $6.50

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